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GPO to remove ISATAP blocking from DNS

1 comment August 6th, 2012

When you use DirectAccess (DA) you have to unblock ISATAP on your DNS servers, so when clients do a DNS lookup for ISATAP they will get an answer.

If you add a new domain controller with the DNS role, you must remember to remove ISATAP from the block list. You removed it on your DNS servers when you configured DA long time ago, but will you or your successor remember to remove the blocking if you add a new DC/DNS?

I didn’t until I saw a 7600 event id on the new DC/DNS…

Too see the current settings:

dnscmd /info /globalqueryblocklist

To remove ISATAP manually from the block list:

dnscmd /config /globalqueryblocklist wpad

To avoid this from happening in the future, I configured a Group Policy (GPO) to do the job. I reckon a GPO is more reliable than a Teflon brain.

Open the Group Policy Management consol.

Create the WMI:

First you need to create a WMI filter so the GPO only apply to servers with the DNS server role. Give it a meaningful name.

Query:  SELECT id FROM Win32_ServerFeature WHERE id = "13"

(ID 13 = DNS Server)

Create the GPO/GPP:

Group Policy Objects -> New

Give it a name. I called it “GPP_Unblock_ISATAP”.

Computer Configuration – Preferences – Windows Settings – Registry

Choose New – Registry Item

Action: Update

Path: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Parameters

Name: GlobalQueryBlockList

Value to remove: isatap

Link the GPO to the WMI filter you created:

Link the GPO to the OU where your DNS servers reside. I linked it to the Domain Controllers OU since we don’t have any standalone DNS servers. The WMI filter will anyway only apply to DNS servers, so you can link it higher up.

You’ll have to restart the DNS server service, or reboot the server before the setting is applied to the DNS server. Check the status “dnscmd /info /globalqueryblocklist”. If ISATAP is not present you are good to go.

Notice this only apply to Win2008 and newer, since legacy OS don’t have the Win32_ServerFeature class.

If you have Win2003 DNS servers, you’ll see that the WMI filter return “false” and the GPO will not apply:

On Win2008 and newer:



The perfect excuse to buy an iPhone 4

No comments October 28th, 2010

Most of the phone calls the AD service desk receives are about user accounts that have been disabled or forgotten passwords.
This is a small task to handle if you have a task pad of ADUC in front of you.

It’s Saturday and you are watching a Tottenham game with a fellow Spurs fan at his place. You receive a call from your boss that has forgotten his AD password. He tells you reset his password *now*! 

Your friend doesn’t have an Internet connection, so you have to get down to the office to reset his bloody password. Arrrgg! 

I just bought an iPhone 4 and downloaded an app called “AD Helpdesk”. If you have one, you can watch the game and please your boss at the same time.

Setup a VPN connection on the phone to reach your internal network and start the App.

Search AD for his username and just reset his password from the app.

More about the app: