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Published application launching full screen

No comments January 26th, 2011

We had a problem with some 2008 R2 terminal servers (RDS) with XenApp 6.0 installed on top. When a new user started a published application for the first time, the user got lunched into a full screen session. The “funny” thing was that this didn’t happened to all new users. It was just a random issue.

Nothing was logged in the event log, so we tried almost anything to figure out what caused this.

We were about to move many users over from 2003 terminal servers, so this was going to be a huge problem. We had read about the bug regarding roaming profile folders that already existed, and you tried to change i.e. “Start the following program at startup”, the change was not applied.

In lack of ideas we installed the hotfix on all the domain controllers (2008 R1) and the RDS servers. Guess what, that fixed the random problem launching some users into full screen.

I can’t wait for the release of SP1 for 2008 R2!

You can request the hotfix here.