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Entourage 2008 autodiscover

No comments September 28th, 2010

This is not an Active Directory entry, so I’ll tag it with “nothing” 🙂

We have been living happily in an environment with a fully patched Exchange 2007 organization and Outlook 2007/2010 clients. Autodiscover working like a charm using SRV-records for redirection. The joy suddenly stopped when a client had bought a Mac with “Entourage 2008”.

We knew that the autodiscover worked on Mac’s bundled mail client “Mail”, so it was out of the question that a Microsoft product like Entourage 2008 wouldn’t work.

How wrong could I be… I updated the Entourage with the latest patches, but it didn’t want to connect to the Exchange (CAS) through an ISA server.

Entourage 2004 used WebDAV, but 2008 should use EWS. I googled around and found on some forums that Entourage didn’t support SRV-records for autodiscover. BAH!

After further searching I got a track of “Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition”. I downloaded it and got it installed.


It connected to the mailbox without issues using autodiscover. I didn’t have to modify the “Outlook Anywhere”  ISA rule as the /ews/* path already was set. The EWS directory on the CAS was left with default values.

You’ll find the Web Services Edition here.