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Resize User Profile Disks

9 comments November 19th, 2013

If you have configured User Profile Disk (UPD) to be used with Virtual Desktops or Session Hosts (a.k.a. terminal services) you had to set a quota on the profile (the UPD which is a .vhdx file).

If you set the quota to i.e. 1 GB there might be some users filling it up with i.e. photos/videos and you’ll have to extend his/her .vhdx file:

  1. The affected user have to be logged off so the .vhdx file is not mounted
  2. Locate the UPD share and translate the user’s SID to username so you’ll get the correct file
  3. Take a backup (copy) of the file just in case…
  4. Resize the disk (either within Hyper-V Manager or with PowerShell)
  5. Mount the file and extend the disk within Disk Manager


I’ll show how this can be done with PowerShell.

After I have located the correct .vhdx file you can see the (max) size is 1 GB:



Run the Hyper-V cmdlets “Resize-VHD”:

Syntax: Resize-VHD –Path <to the .vhdx file> -SizeBytes xGB

Here I increase the size to 2 GB.


 Mount the .vhdx file and open Disk Manager

You’ll now see there are 1GB unallocated that you’ll have to claim


Extend the disk/volume


And the disk is now 2GB



Remember to unmounts/eject the disk/volume so the user can log on again.