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An overview for ITPros, Introducing Windows 8

1 comment November 15th, 2012

If you’d like a glance/overview of Win8 for ITPros, I recomend you to have a look at the “Introducing Windows 8” preview.

Text stolen from the MCP newsletter:

This complimentary e-book explores the great new features Windows 8 offers for IT professionals and businesses. It’s designed to help prepare you for deployment of Windows 8, deliver apps, and manage recovery, security, and virtualization

You can download it from here:


TechEd Europe 2012

No comments July 18th, 2012

Were you unable to attend at TechEd Europe 2012 in Amsterdam?

Don’t worry. You can view all the sessions on-demand at Microsoft Channel 9 for free.

TechEd: Microsoft Channel 9



1 comment January 16th, 2012

This weekend I attended at the NIC2012 conference in Oslo.

Many interesting sessions were on the schedule like DS MVP Brian Desmond’s “What’s new in Windows Server 8 Active Directory” and “Kerberos uncovered”.

Key notes from WinServer 8 AD:

  • USN Rollback preventions when restoring a snapshot (PDCe needs to be on a Win Server 8 DC)
  • Support for cloning DCs (handy when you have to deploy dozens of them)
  • GUI for the AD Recycle Bin and Fine Grained Password Policy
  • Dcpromo.exe is gone (you promote a DC from the server manager)
  • AD delivers the mechanism for file server access with Claims Based Authentication
  • A huge amount of new Powershell cmdlets

Unfortunately it looks like the video for this session is missing, though I’d recommend you to have a look at some other sessions like:

“Kerberos uncovered” by Brian Desmond:

”How to Not Screw Up Your PKI Environment“ by Brian Komar:

“What’s new in Windows 8 Hyper-V” by Ronald Beeklaar:


All sessions: