Troubleshooting slow logon

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If a light bulb has stopped glowing, you wouldn’t start with tearing down the wall to check the cables. You’d probably check if pressing the light switch will help you get the light back. If that didn’t work, you’ll move on to replace the light bulb. Still no luck? You’ll move on to check the fuse.

If the fuse is ok, is it just this room that is affected? You might look out the window to see if your neighbours have some lights on.

If you can’t figure it out, you will maybe call en electrician. You’d tell him all the things (steps) you have checked. Maybe the electrician have some additional steps he/she ask you to check…

Why would you follow these steps?

A wise man once said “if you know how a system works, then you’d be able to troubleshoot the system” (at least I think he said it:)

This rule applies to almost all efficient troubleshooting. If you’re going to troubleshoot slow logon issues, then it’s not as easy as the light bulb example. The cause can be hundreds of things. So where should I start looking?

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, here is my four favorite MS team blogs regarding the issue. If you take your time and read them, you will have a very good chance to find the culprit.

1. Ask the Perf team

2. Ask the DS team part#1

3. Ask the DS team part#2

4. Troubleshooting AD by Instan

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    […] I mentioned earlier in a post, causes of slow logons can be many things and troubleshooting this is often time consuming. I […]

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